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Ottawa Zombie Walk

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Ottawa Zombie WalkIt’s that time of year again!  If you haven’t experienced the Ottawa Zombie walk then you are missing out on something special!  A few years ago, I happened to come across a whole pile of zombies stumbling down the streets of Ottawa.  Many of them were screaming.  I heard a lot of mention of BRAAAAAAINS!  I had no idea what this was about, so I decided to do some research.

History of the Ottawa Zombie Walk

I spoke with the current organizer of the Ottawa Zombie Walk, Bryony Etherington.  She told me that the walk originated in 2005 but no one seems to know exactly how it got started.  (If you have information on how the Zombie Walk originally got going in Ottawa, please leave a comment below.)  Bryony says that most likely it was originally “kids from the punk scene” who originally got the walk started.  In 2009, Bryony noticed that no one was actively organizing the walk and so she stepped in and grabbed the rains.  She has been organizing the walk ever since.

The walk has grown considerably in popularity, and so have the costs.  This year, the Ottawa Police is requiring a significant sum of money be paid for security reasons.  Fortunately, the radio station CHEZ 106 volunteered to pay the security costs!

The purpose of the walk

The walk allows zombies all over Ottawa to strut their stuff.  You will see gruesome sights as men, women and children drag themselves moaning across the city.  But why do they do this?  I think that the primary reason is because it is fun.  But other people benefit from the walk as well.  They will be collecting donations to support the Ottawa Food bank.

What is the date of the Ottawa Zombie Walk?

This year’s walk will take place on October 27, 2012.  Blood and makeup stations start at 2:45.  Sounds absolutely lovely!

What is the route for the Ottawa Zombie Walk?

In the past, the walk used to originate at the Beechwood cemetery, but this year the route is different.  They will be starting at MacDonald Garden Park in Sandy Hill.  Here is the route that will be followed:

View OZW12 in a larger map

After Party

If you’re taking part in the walk, then be prepared to party afterwards!  The Sparks Street BIA and D’Arcy McGee’s pub on Sparks street have come forward as places for zombies to party in  a huge ‘After Life’ party following the walk. There will be live music by the Devillaires, a DJ, signature ‘Brains’ shot, prizes and more.

Previous walks

If you’ve never seen a zombie walk then check out these videos.  I’ve found one for each year that the walk has been in existence in Ottawa:









Great Zombie Resources

Are you taking part in the walk? Do you need to know how to get “Zombified”? How does a Zombie dress? How does a Zombie talk? You may get some great tips from the following resources:

How to do zombie makeup:

How to dress like a zombie:

How to make fake blood:

How to walk like a zombie:

How to speak like a zombie:

Zombie Walk in Ottawa

Thinking of attending as a spectator?

Here are some tips to help you survive the zombie walk!

How to survive a Zombie Apocalypse:

How to defend yourself in hand to hand combat with a zombie: 

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