Ottawa Condos for Sale

Ottawa Condos for Sale

Ottawa has an abundance of condos for sale.  Whether you are looking for a new build or a long established condo building, we (David and Marie) would be honoured to help you in your search amongst the available Ottawa condos for sale.

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Some basic condominium facts:

What is a condominium?

Any type of home can be a condo.  It doesn’t have to be a particular type of building.  However, for a building to be called a condominium a certain type of ownership is implied.  In condo ownership, generally, you own the interior space of your home and share ownership of things like hallways, elevators, and other features called “common elements”.

What are condo fees?

Condo fees are the monthly fees that you pay in order to maintain the common elements of your building. These fees will vary from building to building.  What is covered by these fees will vary as well.  For example, some condominium fees will cover driveway snow removal and lawn maintenance, but in other condos the snow removal and grass cutting may be your own responsibility.

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