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Ottawa’s Best Neighbourhoods

Top 10 Places to Live in Ottawa

We’ve been crunching numbers and the results are in! We are proud to announce the top ten neighbourhoods to live in in Ottawa, Ontario.

The data we collected here is from the most recent Census data. We looked at a number of different factors including crime, family income, recreation opportunities and more. While no neighbourhood scored perfectly, some definitely stood out.


#10: Orleans Village-Chateauneuf

Orleans Chateauneuf

You’ll find Orleans Village-Chateauneuf nestled between St. Joseph Boulevard and Innes Rd. in the East end of Ottawa. The community of Orleans Village-Chateuneuf is vibrant and ethnically diverse. This neighbourhood ranked well for us because of a low crime level, low unemployment, and affordable housing. Residents of this area are generally well educated and have an average family income of $98,000 which is higher than average in Ottawa.


#9: Island Park

island park ottawa

Island Park is a beautiful neighbourhood with mature trees and gorgeous homes. At the South End of Island Park is the beautiful Experimental Farm. At the North End is the Ottawa River Parkway and Champlain Bridge which connects to Quebec. The residents of Island Park are well educated with an average family income of $117,873. There are several kilometers of scenic walking and bike paths in this neighbourhood. While many of the homes are older and in need of repair, the overall feel of Island Park is one of elegance and class.


#8: Crystal Bay – Lakeview Park

Crystal Bay Ottawa

This neighbourhood boasts a beautiful view of the Ottawa River and many scenic bicycle trails. The population tends to be well educated and affluent with an average household income of $106,000. The population of this part of Ottawa is older than most in the city. They tend to have well maintained homes and lots of opportunities for outdoor recreation.


#7: Merivale Gardens, Grenfell Glen, Pineglen and Country Place

Merivale Gardens Ottawa

You’ll find nice, detached and well maintained homes in this well established area of Ottawa. Crime Rates are low and average family incomes are high at $127,000. People who live here tend to be healthier than the rest of Ottawa. You’ll also find lots of opportunity for recreation.


#6: Bridlewood – Emerald Meadows

Bridlewood Ottawa

This is a really cute and unique neighbourhood! You’ll find young, growing families here. As it is a relatively new neighbourhood (most homes are under 25 years old), the homes are generally in good repair. Similarly, the residents of Bridlewood-Emerald Meadows are healthier than most of the city. Were it not for traffic congestion issues, this neighbourhood would likely have ranked higher, but the City of Ottawa is currently working on a plan to reduce traffic problems in Bridlewood.


#5: Stittsville

Stittsville Map

If you haven’t visited Stittsville, you should! It’s a vibrant family oriented community with lots of opportunities for recreation, very little crime and a well educated population having an average family income of $116,000. You’ll find Stittsville just west of the city (although it is officially a part of Ottawa since amalgamation.


#4: Orleans Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill Orleans Ottawa

This community, on the Eastern side of Ottawa is an active and fun community! Homes in Orleans Chapel Hill are in great shape and crime is extremely low. You’ll find lots of bike and walking paths. Perhaps this is why residents of this neighbourhood tend to be healthier than most! The average family income in this area is $125,000.


#3: Riverside South Leitrim

Riverside South Ottawa

This neighbourhood is rapidly growing and really starting to look great! Riverside South is expected to grow by 13.5% in 2011. You’ll find a good number of young families in this community. The health the population is better than most in the city as is the average family income of $115,000.


#2: Hunt Club Woods-Quinterra-Revelstoke

Hunt Club Woods Ottawa

This is a well established neighbourhood in Ottawa with a culturally diverse population. You’ll find very little crime, homes that are in good condition, and an average family income of $110,000. If you love nature, this is a great place to be, especially with the beautiful Rideau River in its midst. Residents of this community are among the most active and healthiest in the city!


#1: Kanata Lakes – Marchwood Lakeside – Morgan’s Grant

Kanata Lakes Ottawa

And here it is! The best neighbourhood in Ottawa is the area of Kanata Lakes and Morgan’s Grant. You’ll find this community in the west end of Ottawa. It’s well known for the Centrum Shopping Centre. You’ll find that people who live here are generally healthy, and well off with an average family income of $130,000. You’ll also find lots of parks and opportunities for outdoor recreation here.


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What do you think?

We’re sure that not all people will agree with these results! We’d love to hear your thoughts on our research!


(4) Comments

    • This is true! We have actually done a lot of business in Vanier recently. It’s starting to get a better name! Perhaps the next time we do our survey the numbers will be better for Vanier!

  1. I’m surprised you didn’t mention Rockcliffe or Manor Park. Those neighborhoods are probably the most prominent places in the city. Not to mention the residence of Rockcliffe are very wealthy, take Marlen Cowpland for example.

    As for Vanier, much has changed over the last decade, but unfortunately it’s still pretty bad and needs more clean up.

    • Thanks for your comments…We were surprised Rockliffe park didn’t come up in the top ten as well. The income levels and housing quality is great there, but in our algorithm, Rockliffe Park gets packaged together with Manor Park. I believe the Manor Park stats for crime and income levels likely affected the rating.


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